Journey With Ang is back but now under a new name; Attainable Joy. I apologize for the 6 month hiatus, but I was reconstructing the website to include a few things.

The website is currently being revamped and is not yet complete. I am still working on making changes and finalizing the shop that I have added. I want to make sure that everything is perfect before I open it up to the public. I hope to have everything done very soon so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Although the website is not ready, I missed writing blog posts. I missed having a place to document my life and share my thoughts. So, I’ve decided to bring back my blog!

I’ve had so many ideas while I was away. Alas, I’m back now and can’t wait to share them all! I’m excited to get started and share everything I’ve been thinking about. Stay tuned for some great new content!



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2 thoughts on “Journey With Ang is Back but…

  1. Glenroy O Clarke says:

    Great. Missed your blogs. Love the new design and the shop products. Blog post I would love to see “what are some struggles for a bible-believing Christian in the work for today??

    • AngieRosalina says:

      I have one on that specific topic coming soon. Based on an experience from just yesterday. What are the odds?

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