When it comes to buying me gifts, my family always says that I am a difficult person to shop for. In fact, my husband once called me “The girl who has everything, and if she doesn’t already have it, you best believe it will be here in two days, courtesy of Amazon.”

He certainly wasn’t far from the truth with that assessment. This one Christmas, a few days before the 25th, I bought myself a blouse that everyone knew I wanted and wouldn’t you guess it, my younger brother bought me the same exact blouse. To this day, I have two of them. Although I suppose the more the merrier (no pun intended).

So yeah, I guess I have proved quite the challenge to shop for. However, this does not mean that the woman in your life is, and if she is I believe I have a list that might blow even her stockings off (ok, that pun was intended).

A few posts back on Journey With Ang, I composed a list of some neat gift items to procure for the book nerd in your life. This time I switched it up a bit. Today’s list will be all about the ladies. Oh yes, it’s ladies night and we’re feeling right…or day, depending on what time your reading this I suppose. Anyhow, I have discovered some practical gifts that women will love and might just make the holiday season a little bit easier for her (and perhaps the whole family too).

By the way, you may notice that quite a few of these gifts and stocking stuffers revolve around a reoccurring theme: pampering, because what woman doesn’t enjoy being pampered from time to time? I know, I sure do.

Alright, let’s begin!

1. A Back Massager

Regardless of age or season in life, a back massage will always be appreciated.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything from one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more but I will get a small commission.

2. A Foot Massager

Similar to the back massager, a foot massage is key to rest and relaxation after a long day of work and/or chasing the kids around.

3. Bath Bombs

Especially the glitter ones because they look beautiful! The perfect compliment to a nice soak.

Here’s a tip (fellas). In addition to the bath bombs, you can also throw in some…

4. Scented Candle(s)

If you’re not entirely sure of what sent(s) to get, try and figure out what kind of perfumes she wears or what fragrances she likes. Otherwise, you can always just stick to the basics, vanilla, lavender or chamomile.  Those are particularly relaxing scents and are commonly used in every season, not solely the chilly ones.

5. Fuzzy Socks

How comfy are these? Very! On top of that, they’ve got a little flare. As fun as it may sound, I wouldn’t recommend her sliding across a tile floor in these, however. Just sayin’

6. Burt’s Bees Body Care Gift Set

This Burt’s Bees body care gift set is especially lovely as it includes many essentials such as foot cream and hand cream along with salves and lip gloss. Believe me, it’s a win no matter how you look at it.

7. A Sherpa Blanket

Personally, I love feeling what I call “Comfy Cozy”. Rarely am I more comfy cozy than when I am wrapped in one of these blankets like a burrito. Look, they say you are what you eat and I love me a good burrito. But honestly, with the temperature dropping and the energy bill rising, what gal’ wouldn’t want to be comfy cozy this winter?

8. A Mud Mask

Don’t let the title fool you, one of these Dead Sea mud masks will assuredly renew the skin and restore her youthful glow and be sure to get her into the spa spirit.

9.  An Essential Oil Diffuser

I love essential oil diffusers, they are very relaxing and can even help fortify and deepen sleep. Plus, she can add any scent that she’d like to this thing, there are certainly no shortages. 

10. Essential Oils

These Essential Oils are to be paired with the diffuser above. This particular set brings 14 scents that can be mixed and matched or used individually. Not into any of these fragrances? Don’t worry. Like I mentioned before, there are literally hundreds of different options to choose from out there, not to mention numerous essential oil recipes that can be found on Pinterest alone -for my more creative followers out there.

Well, there you have it. I hope this list has made your holiday shopping a bit easier. And to all reading this, just remember, as good as it is to receive, it is even better to give. Stay tuned for next week’s list of gifts for the men in your life!

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