Christmas is upon us and I am ready!

I’m ready to make my way to a particular store with a specific gift in mind. Once at the store, I will make my way to the aisle where it is located, find it and pick it up. Then, I will walk over to the line for the cashiers, pay and happily return home knowing how delighted the gift recipient will be when they open it.

At least that’s the idea, but let’s be real. I live in the in one of the busiest cities on earth. My in-store shopping experience will never be that smooth. In fact, here’s what it would really look:

It’s Saturday afternoon, the one right before Christmas. I leave my house and hop on a Manhattan-bound A or C to the city. The train is packed, chock-full of teenagers, families and your average weekend warriors (an individual who happens to be working that day). More likely than not, there’d be no seats so I’ll end up standing until it’s time to get off. The train pulls into 34th Street-Penn Station and I rush through herds of people fighting to get to their destinations. Finally, I arrive at the store where I have to put on my game face. “I am here for that perfect gift and I must find it, before it’s gone.” However, I walk around the store searching high and low, only to find it’s sold out.

Grumpy and discouraged, I continue to peruse the store for an alternate gift. I find one. Now, I make my way to the register, where, to no surprise, the lines are ridiculously long. I look down at the item in my hand and wonder: “Is this really worth it? It isn’t even the gift I wanted”. So I resolve to put the item down and walk out the door. Defeated, I fight through the nearly impenetrable crowds again, hop on my train and go home.

Yup! That sounds about right. But don’t get me wrong, I love the city during Christmas time. It’s a truly marvelous sight. My main issue is the congestion. People manage to be just about everywhere they can cram themselves. Which brings me to me the one option that never lets me down, online shopping.

I composed a list of simple yet practical gifts for the different personalities in your life. I’ll start with the book nerds like myself:

A Personal Library Kit

Because really…what book nerd doesn’t want to pretend they have their own private library? This kit will make them feel more official.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything from one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more but I will get a small commission.

A “Bookmarks are for Quitters” Mug

It is simple and quite complementary to the next item on this list. Now, I don’t agree one hundred percent with this, only because, sometimes you need to take care of stuff pause the session (as hard as it may be) and when that happens, you need to mark your place. However, the level of sass accompanying the mug’s statement is more than enough for my approval alone.

Literary Tea

It’s literary and its Tea. Plus, they can drink it in their “Bookmarks are for Quitters” mug. The teas come with various literary quotes and are English Breakfast flavored.

A “Just One More Chapter” Pillow

“Just one more chapter” I mumbled to myself as I woke up with my face in the book (don’t judge me, I’m sure it’s quite common). Your book nerd can enjoy their book while sipping tea in their sassy mug and reclining against this pillow. Now, that’s a great combination!

Finally an Amazon Kindle
Because sometimes, we want to carry all of our books on us. Unfortunately, this is physically impossible, or is it? A Kindle is a tablet-sized e-reader that allows your book nerd to carry all of their books all of the time.
I recently bought a Kindle for myself and my husband and although I personally love the scent of a new book (I’ll go as far as to sniff them when I first get them), my Kindle fits easily into all of my bags and is practically weightless. I actually fought off buying a Kindle for a very long time, solely because of my love for the way books feel in my hand. However, as much as they may arouse the senses, my Kindle allows me to conveniently carry all my books everywhere I go and is vastly more space efficient. I think a Kindle is a good supplement to a physical library.

I’m certain the book nerds in your life will love any of these gifts, maybe even all of them.

SDG (“Soli Deo Gloria”)



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