Before I get to the bulk of this post, I wanted to thank you all for joining in on the 30 Days of Prayer last month. In the four years I have run this blog, I had never worked so hard to bring you guys some content, but by God’s grace, it was done, and I am glad I did it.

I learned that if I plan something and announce it, I must follow through, so with that said, I would like to announce what you can expect going forward from Attainable Joy.

Starting this soon, my husband will join me in writing for the website. He has helped me in the past and given the way he writes, which is very different from my own, I wanted to include that on the website because I think it will benefit my readers. To explain how my husband and I differ, he is more analytical, and I write more conversationally. So he will provide more in-depth posts on various topics revolving around our Christian faith. You can expect his first post to come out at the end of October or early November.

Next, I plan on writing monthly columns (I guess they can be called) revolving around specific topics. Some of these will be:

“My favorite gospel-centered songs”
“Yes, I am a Christian, but i still struggle with __
“Why _ is important”

I’m excited about this new structure and hope you are too. I will also write other things that may come to mind throughout the month. I am also working on new t-shirt and tote designs for Christmas, so stay tuned for that.

I hope you like the direction that Attainable Joy is going, and I look forward to sharing these things with you.

SDG – “Soli Deo Gloria”



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