Today I bring you a post that fits into two of my categories: health and books. This will be a review of a health book I recently read and also the results of trying out some of the suggestions in it. 

My husband recommended this book to me after seeing how much I was struggling to lose weight. At the time, I had a few factors stacked against me. I sprained my ankle about a year before, the pain had gone away when the sprain healed but returned after I began doing HIIT workouts. Shortly after the pain came back, I began physical therapy and was unable to exercise the way I was used to. 

Because my exercise was limited, I felt stuck, as if anything I did was useless. I tried to eat healthily or what I thought was healthy and that did not work. It was completely frustrating and then my husband gave me this book. He had read it many years ago and thought I would benefit from reading it too. I began the book and was learning a lot about how the food we consume affects our bodies. I had no idea what the food I was eating was actually doing to me and why I was not losing weight, although, I was consuming what I thought were healthy foods. Shortly after starting the book, I loosely followed what I learned from it and was beginning to see results almost immediately. 

What is this book I keep mentioning? It’s titled “Fit For Life” by Harvey and Marylin Diamond. This book was very eye-opening and made me think about what I was eating quite often, which greatly helped me make better decisions. 

One of the things mentioned in the book was how simply eating fruit for breakfast could make a difference, so I set out to do just that: eat nothing but fruit until noon and these were my results.

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I Didn’t Need Coffee 

I am a huge coffee addict, I love the smell, the taste and of course the energy boost but after a few days of having fruit for breakfast, I no longer needed coffee for an energy boost. The book explained that because fruits are easy to break down, the body can use up the energy that would be used to breakdown food to keep you energized. If we eat heavy breakfast the body needs to use up a lot of energy to break down the food and thus we feel tired and groggy. It was a little bit hard in the beginning because I felt hungry often but soon my body adapted to a more water-based breakfast. On some of the days, I would follow up on my fruit breakfast with a salad for lunch just to keep the water-based pattern going. I was definitely feeling much better, less bloated and more energized after making this change. Not only that but…

I Was A Lot More Regular 

This is going to be a bit awkward but it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are the kind of person who is not regular (I’m sure you know what I mean) than eating fruits in the morning will make it easier for your body to rid itself of excess waste. Because it doesn’t need to work hard to break down heavy breakfast foods, it can focus on cleaning out what has been left over from before and this will make you go more often. At first, it may be a bit annoying because you might be going more often than you are accustomed but after a few days it will calm down and your body will feel lighter. And because my body was ridding itself of excess waste faster…

I Looked Slimmer Within A Couple of Days 

Within a couple of days after changing my breakfast to fruit, I did in fact look slimmer. Which was great and reinforced what I was reading. What you eat does affect your body! This I learned from simply changing my breakfast to fruit! I would definitely recommend this book, you will learn so much about how the body functions and what role what we eat had in weight loss.

I intend to implement more of what I read after seeing these results. I hope you check it out. I placed a link to purchase it on Amazon in this post if you find it helpful, feel free to let me know. There is so much we can learn about taking care of the bodies God has given us.

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