Day 12: Teenagers and College Students

I remember being an angst teenager that thought the world was out to get me. [...]

Day 11: Children

Have you ever wondered where a child learned to lie? Interestingly, they are never taught [...]

Day 10: Couples Who Desire to Become Parents

Statistically, 1 in 8 couples struggles with infertility. Taking that into consideration, that is quite [...]

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Day 9: Expecting Mothers/Babies

I’m sure we all know at least one woman who is currently expecting, if not [...]

Day 8: Mothers

You will often find mothers chasing a child around, trying to get them to eat, [...]

Day 7: Fathers

Fathers are a very influential and important part of the family. When present, they can [...]

Day 6: The Unmarried

You look around, and it seems as if everyone is either getting married or getting [...]

Day 5: Marriages

I’ll have been married for five years on the very last day of our 30 [...]

Day 4: Our Families

Families are a vital part of our communities and must be cherished and protected in [...]

Day 3: The Church

Contrary to what many believe, the church is not just a mere building, but rather [...]