Day 22: The Military and Law Enforcement

When my brother came back from his training at the Air Force, my reaction was [...]

Day 21: Those Who Serve in the Church

When it comes to serving in the church, I think if you can help in [...]

Day 20: Teachers

School began a few weeks ago, so this topic is timely. All the kids are [...]

Day 19: Preachers

My husband has been assigned to preach and teach at my church a few times [...]

Day 18: Our Enemies

When I think of the word "enemy," I think of villains in a TV Show [...]

Day 17: Leaders and Governing Authorities

We all have personal views of our leaders and government. Politics are divisive and have [...]

Day 16: The Less Fortunate

Living in New York City, I come across at least three individuals asking for money, [...]

Day 15: Those Who are Sick

I am sure we can all think of someone who might be ill at this [...]

Day 14: Widowers

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I lost my husband, and [...]

Day 13: The Elderly

They say the older you are, the more set in your ways you will be. [...]