About Me

Hello there!

My name is Angie but for short I am known as “Ang”. I am a bible believing, reformed Christian, a wife, daughter, sister, and nerd. I am Dominican-American and a native New Yorker.

My main purpose in life: is to bring glory to God in any way that I possibly can. I started this blog as a way to keep myself constantly learning more about Him and to share what I have learned with others.

A few of my interests are reading books, writing, food, organization, video games, The Legend of Zelda, short stories, Harry Potter and trying to be physically fit. I like all things practical. I love quick and easy solutions and Pinterest is my friend. I can get lost in it for hours (I kid you not, I once scrolled on Pinterest for too long I actually found the bottom of the page, unfortunately, I have no screenshot to prove it, but trust me, it happened!)

You can find me writing about many of these things in my blog among many others. My intention is to share myself and my thoughts with the world, I hope you enjoy my antics.



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