When I first came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I was very confused about where I could go to learn more about Him. Coming from a charismatic background, I did not know who or what could be considered an adequate resource with regard to solid theology. In fact, was still learning about what solid theology even was. In this post, I am providing one resource that over time I have found to be very helpful in my Christian walk.

She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth (“SRT”) is an online ministry whose primary focus is to encourage women and girls to be more intentional about reading and understanding God’s Word. When I first came across SRT a few years ago, I was reading some of their devotionals on the YouVersion Bible app. I soon began visiting their webpage, which was still relatively new at the time, but then stopped for a brief period as I was not sure how good they were.

About two or three years ago ended up picking them up again after a good friend of mine mentioned them to me. They had grown quite a bit since I last visited their page. They had even developed an app which I immediately downloaded. I quickly grew to love how simple it was to use and how many new studies they had.

In addition to a newly updated app, there are now specific topical and textual studies that you can order as physical hardcopies for study at home. You can even subscribe to their ministry through in the app and receive access to all sorts of promotional deals, as well as both upcoming and current studies.

They have also recently created an complimentary He Reads Truth (“HRT”) page -of course run by “Hes.” I love buying the dual study guides from both “SRT” and “HRT”. It’s provided no shortage of fruitful opportunities for my husband and I to read through a given topic and book of scripture together and it has helped both us to draw closer to God each day. (His and hers study books can be seen in the photo below)

Their mission statement is that they seek to help women/men dwell on the word every day and I feel they are doing just that.

The only personal downside I have found to SRT and HRT is the Bible version used in their study guides. They’ve chosen to go with the Christian Standard Bible (“CSB”) version; which employs a translation philosophy of dynamic equivalence (though for thought) over an essentially literal (word for word) rendering of the text as it was originally written.

It is essentially literal translations common to versions such as the NASB, KJV and ESV that I prefer (the latter being my personal preference). In many ways, I consider the CSB far from the actual intended meaning of the passages, but like I said that is just my personal preference. I would definitely recommend both SRT as it has been am invaluable resource for me these past couple of years.

They also have a study Bible (posted below), which is beautiful.

SDG – “Soli Deo Gloria”



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