This holiday season has been a fairly productive one, though not exactly in the way I had hoped. To me, a truly productive holiday season is one spent running around with family, baking goodies, and quite simply preparing for Christmas. Instead, it has been work, work, and yes…more work. I had also intended to post on a more consistently (ideally, once per week). Nevertheless, although this has proved quite a challenge, overcoming challenges is what do best. In fact I will say with certainty that starting next year (2019), you will begin to see posts on a more consistent basis as you continue your journeywithang.

Last week I composed a list of gifts to get the women in your life. A few weeks before that, I suggested some neat gifts for the book nerd in your life. This week is for the men.

When it comes to getting gifts for men, I personally like to keep it practical. I like to sit and think “What is something they might use often, if not every day?” It is this train of thought which led me to the following items for which you will find their links below.

*Quick disclosure: The photos for the items below are each linked to Should you choose to purchase from them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.*

Anyhow, first up is:

1. Leatherman Multi-tool

A few years back my older brother received a Leatherman as a gift and to this day he practically swears by it. I have found the Leatherman to be an extremely useful tool from own personal experience and there are tons of varying models -the one shown above merely being one of many. I would highly recommend checking them all out to see which might best suit the particular need[s] of the man/men in your life.

2. RAK Magnetic Wristband

Back when my husband and I were renovating our apartment, we would often find ourselves scouring the floor for nails and screws and drill
bits which seemed to persistently elude us. Then, when we’d find them, half of the time we’d hold them in our mouths (usually because our hands were full). I can only imagine how much easier it would have been to work with one of these magnetic wristbands holding the nails and screws for us. If your guy is a handyman, this super practical gift is certainly something he would appreciate. 

3. DeWALT Lithium-Ion Compact Drill

Of all the tools my husband and I purchased during our previous renovation project, none was more frequently utilized than our DeWALT DW511 chorded hammer drill. The only drawback for us was the fact that our drill was well…not cordless. As a result, we were somewhat limited movement and reach. Therefore, buying one of these cordless babies for your handyman might prove, both, practical and convenient.  

4. Rapid Beard Grooming Kit

A Rapid beard grooming kit because growing a beard is apparently “what’s in” for the guys nowadays. I mean, everywhere I look I see a beard, even at home. But really, If your man is serious about maintaining his beard he will surely appreciate this. 

5. A Vodeson Wireless Wallet Locator and Key Finder

Picture this, it’s Saturday evening and you are running late for your long-awaited date night dinner reservation, and why? Your husband can’t seem to find his wallet. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself “I wish his wallet had some sort of device that can beep to help me find it.” Well, now you can! This kit brings 4 locators so you can use them for several items. Honestly, this is a great gift for men and women alike.  

6. Senso Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth headphones, because being tangled in wires is now a thing of the past. These are especially good for active wear and sound quality and durability are more than worth the price. The moment I made the switch to wireless headphones, I never looked back!

You can also get him a Bluetooth Beanie, which seems like a pretty cool concept. You can find a link for one here.

7. Home-Complete Grill Kit

I immediately thought this kit was super cool when I found it. All the grilling tools any man could ever need all in one place and neatly stored too. I love the concept of “Everything having its place and every place having its thing.” This is a perfect way to keep all the grilling things together. 

8. Nivea Men Sensitive Collection, 5-Piece Set

We all know that men need grooming too and this kit is compact enough to be taken on the go for the man who is always flying out the door. This kit includes facial cremes, shaving gel, shaving balm, and face wash. Perfect for a man who constantly traveling and on the go.

9. Dr. Heally Mens Manicure Kit

As a compliment the previous gift on this list, this kit contains some additional yet essential grooming tools that he will need to stay trim and fres. 

10. Be-Charming Portable Solar Phone Charger 

Lastly, this portable charger is sure to keep all of his gadgets powered up and ready to go. Plus, its solar powered so you no longer need to worry about finding that misplaced adapter cord or whether or not you set it to charge in the first place. Just be sure to leave it in the sunlight every now and then. Pretty nifty, huh?

I hope this list had been helpful to you. Now get to shopping, Christmas is only 8 days away!

My next post will have a different tone. As much as I enjoy buying gifts for loved ones and seeing their faces when they open it, gift-giving is not the true purpose of Christmas. So stay tuned for my next post where I share with you the true meaning of Christmas. Until then, and certainly afterward…SDG.

SDG – “Soli Deo Gloria’



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